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Pretty Balanced Chakra waist adornment is designed for your chakra centering energy source. She is your gentle reminder to be kind to yourself. Let the right energy move through you. Check into and/or align your chakras daily, weekly or if your mood is altered. When you touch Pretty Balanced, she is your gentle reminder to be kind to yourself. 


New Beginnings (white) Chakra  

Protection (black) Chakra  


Purple (Crown) Wisdom Royal Blue (Third Eye) Inspiration Sky Blue (Throat) Communication Green (Heart) Compassion Yellow (Solar Plexus) Individuality Orange (Sacral) Creativity Red (Root) Grounded


**This waist adornment is sold individually. If you would like to purchase both, feel free to add each strand to your cart. 

Pretty Balanced- New Beginnings, Protection

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