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How Sapphire23 came to be a jewelry & lifestyle company was pretty organic. We are a family owned, mother- daughter duo. Cassandra (mother) is an HR Professional by day & inspiring entrepreneur by 5:01pm. My style is simple, neat with amazing color combos. I have always enjoyed adding beautiful, unique accessories to really accentuate my natural look & eccentric personality. Madison Rose (Daughter) loves ballet & unicorns with dreams of becoming a scientist. She dresses to comfort with sweatshirts, leggings/shorts, sneakers or flip flops. However she loves rainbows, sparkly, dainty colored jewelry such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces and hair bows. 


The name Sapphire23 comes from our birth month September. The 23 is in remembrance of my sister Latoya’s born day September 23rd. Latoya passed away in December 2011. I made a personal commitment to keep her memory alive with each opportunity we create.


Two years ago, we came up with the idea to start a business creating hair bows. We purchased the items to create the hair bows. However, we never took the time to start the business.  Some time later, I came up with the name Sapphire23. My Mom (Momo) agreed the business name is perfect for our jewelry business. Then out of the blue, COVID19 happened and everything shut/slow down. We were home for work and school. Our busy, hectic schedules changed to work and school at home only. This allowed for the actual creation of Sapphire23!

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