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Sapphire23's expression is rooted in mindfulness and beauty. We create body adornments, as well as curated lifestyle accessories for enjoyment.   

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Sapphire23’s purpose is creating   and offering   meaningful   adornments for you  to enjoy and connect with. Our adornments  are often used  as   mindfulness tools,  reminders of your personal goals and intentions,   beautiful lifestyle accessories for stylish women and girls, as well as men and boys. The look and quality of our items are designed to stand the test of time. Sapphire23 offers jewelry and accessories that will compliment your appearance and lifestyle. As a family owned business, we enjoy using our creativity & artistic perspective to create handmade jewelry. Utilizing and understanding the power of colors to coordinate your outfit, set an intention/personal goal or show an expression of love and connectedness. Our handmade jewelry’s design ranges from pretty, soft, delicate to urban, carefree, motherland inspired. 


Our expression is rooted in the beauty of simplicity. We aspire for each customer to experience genuine happiness when adding a Sapphire23 piece to their wardrobe and a boost of confidence each time they wear their jewelry. As a family owned business, mother-daughter duo, we want to inspire, motivate and encourage others to pursue their goals, live in the moment and follow their dreams.



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